When School Isn’t Working: Steps to working with your child’s educators


It is very common for parents to discover associations like ABC Ontario at times when something is not working in their child’s school life. As a parent, you know your child’s needs best, and it is important to be perceptive to their needs and wants. If you feel that they need something different than what it being offered, here is how to approach your school.

Start with your child’s teacher

It is likely that your child’s teacher will have observed some of the issues that you find concerning, and will be able to discuss with you how they feel they are meeting your child’s needs in the classroom. If you feel that their needs still aren’t being met, it is important to let your child’s teacher know. They want to see your child succeed! The teacher may choose to enlist other members of the in-school team.

The principal

If your child is still struggling or wanting more out of school, but meeting with their teacher has been unsuccessful, you should then approach the principal. You can request a meeting with the in-school team including teachers and the LRT, and any other educators involved with your child. If you do not agree with the school’s decisions regarding your child’s placement and educational path, you can request an Identification, Placement and Review Committee meeting. “If a child is identified as gifted by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC), an Individual Educational Plan is required by regulation,” (ABC Ontario website).

The school board trustee

If you are still struggling to get adequate support for your child, or disagree with the decisions being made, you can contact your school board trustee. You can find a list of the current DSBN trustees here and the current NCDSB trustees here.

Additional resources:

Communicating Effectively with Your Gifted Child’s School from the Davidson Institute

Early Identification of Children’s Learning Needs from the Ontario Ministry of Education

DBSN Special Education Report

NCDSB Special Education Plan


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