ABC Ontario Resources

New to ABC Ontario and don’t know where to look? Try this to start:

ABC Ontario defines a bright child as:

“…one who has the potential for unusual accomplishment in any of several areas, including intellectual and creative ability, musical, artistic and athletic performance and social and leadership skills.”

Read more about Understanding Giftedness, Myths and Stereotypes, Parenting, and Schooling. on the ABC Ontario website. There are additional resources like a glossary, and information about Individual Education PlansIdentification, Placement, and Review Committee, as well as Special Education Advisory Committees.

ABC Ontario also hosts an online message board for parents of bright, gifted, and 2e children and adolescents. You can register by clicking the link above, and then sending an email to

ABC Ontario also hosts an annual conference! Stay tuned to find out more about ABC’s conference for 2017.

You may also find it helpful to review the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website on Special Education.

Don’t forget that you can volunteer, donate, and become a member to support ABC Ontario!



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